Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf it fast with UC Browser

I was a huge cricket fan when I was younger. In my teen years, the cricket played was much less just the Tests and the One dayers. And the coverage was pretty basic. None of your slow motion replays and glitzy commentators. Just a pretty basic cricket coverage on the National DD channel. Of course, the internet was not there. Hence we really missed out on watching cricket coverage so many times.

These days, I get to watch high quality HD action on my satellite television package. Really, it is a delight to watch. But, you know I also regularly surf and watch cricket on the mobile through Apps. In fact, this World Cup, I was away on a trip to an old relative’s place. They have a pretty basic television in their house which luckily had the channel that I was interested in watching. But, guess what, their cable network went down on a crucial juncture in the second innings. It was so frustrating. Despite multiple calls to the cable operator, it seemed highly unlikely that the problem was going to be rectified any time soon. That was when internet cricket coverage came to my rescue. I searched online and started watching the match ball by ball. But, you know what was the dampener? The buffering took an awful lot of time. I was stuck on deliveries forever, waiting for the video to stream properly. It was such a nuisance. So, you know what I did. Fed up I switched to audio commentary. I know, pathetic right! But what choice did I have? And I watched rather heard the rest of the match because at least that way I could get to understand the scores ‘live.’

I recently came across UCBrowser.  You can easily download the browser. On the UC Browser, find the blue icon of UC Cricket. Open it and browse lightning fast through to the cricket match that you wish to watch. No problems or rebooting or frozen feeds. No issues of googling to check the score.  You save all the time on repeated searches.

To tell you the truth, since my last bad experience I had hardly ever seen cricket coverage on my phone. But with UC browser, it was surprisingly good. There was no phase lag and all the relevant information was available right there. Subsequently, I find myself utilizing internet more often to watch cricket on the go. It works well, is fast and efficient and does not let you waste time waiting for buffering.

So, if you  are an avid cricket fan and who is not in India, then you must try this browser out. Just download it on your phone and you are good to go. Get all the cricket news at your fingertips.

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  1. Yes, Rachna, I remember those DD days. When electricity went out, we used to listen commentary on radio sets. In early Cable TV days, we used to tie cable wire on radio's antenna to listen commentaries. Thanks for making me travel in time and this review. Well, UC is good on Android, but sucks on Windows.