Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Airtel App and its features

I have been an Airtel subscriber for many years now. As a matter of fact, I have Airtel subscription for my landline and broadband. I also have an Airtel plan for my mobile phone. Since my smartphone accompanies me everywhere and I do a lot of browsing, answering emails and shopping on my phone, it was sort of obvious that I would love to have more control of my Airtel accounts on my fingertips. Hence as soon as I heard of the Airtel Money App, I immediately downloaded it.

The bright red icon is now synonymous with Airtel. There was a very short registration process which verifies your mobile number and after inputting certain details you get access to all the services on the App.

The 3 best features that I liked about Airtel App are:
Screenshot of Airtel App
Access your Airtel bill and pay it online:

Whether you are a post paid or pre-paid Airtel customer, you can access your bill, get regular updates about balance remaining and pay your bill on time. You can also pay many other bills right from your phone including for other service providers and utilities. You can also access the bill of your landline and Broadband. You can get notifications about the amount due through Airtel Money App.

Recharge your mobile:

I have a pre-paid Airtel mobile account hence I manually recharge both my mobile data and mobile pack regularly. With Airtel Money, it is a breeze to recharge the same without accessing any other details. It really is simple and very useful. 
Certainly, it is one of the most useful features for me.

Another screenshot of Airtel App
Get some great offers:

Yes, you get discounts for shopping on your favorite portals. There is this cute feature on Airtel App that asks you to shake the phone for offers. And then the offers just tumble out. There are also discounts on your airtel accounts as well. So, yes, shake that phone, use the App and get some nifty discount coupons.

Apart from these, you can recharge your Airtel DTH account using the App, know the account details and get notifications about dues etc.

Smartphone Apps have made our lives so easy these days. With easy access to wi-fi, one is always having the Apps at our fingertips to access information, pay bills and shop. It really has become an Appy world.

As an Airtel consumer, the Airtel money App is a huge timesaver and lifesaver for me. I don’t have to wait to get on my laptop to watch my multiple accounts. Especially with my pre-paid connection, one never knows when one may need to recharge, and that is where Airtel App comes in handy.

If you are an Airtel subscriber, do download the App today and use it. It is really simple and user friendly.

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