Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Litter here litter there

Littering seems to be in our genes, literally. Open a packet of chips and just let the packet drop down. It does not matter if you are in the middle of a street. It does not matter if the street is otherwise spick and span. Who cares! When a person has to throw, a person has to throw. While we all like to keep our homes clean with the use of disinfectants, cleaners and what have you, just look at the condition of our roads and just about any open spaces.

Plastic bags, paper, plastic covers etc. are everywhere. Children are not immune to this contagious disease either. No matter how many "Swachh Bharat" campaigns keep happening in our country, it seems that I will only do what is convenient for me. Tell a child that he must pick the wrapper he threw and chances are that they would either roll their eyes or give you a dirty look as if you asked for their family's wealth. Yes, these are the affluent kids who go to the most expensive schools who do that. Perhaps, it is the fault of their parents who do not reinforce good behavior outside their homes. Or, maybe their peers who don't care.

Whatever it is, it seems that the littering habit of people in our country is here to stay. What can awareness campaigns do when the mindsets are just not amenable to behaviour decent and proper?

Monday, February 16, 2015

India vs Pak World Cup match

You know, I am a person who has almost stopped watching cricket. Blame it on the absolute excess of it or the IPLs, I don't know. Hence, I was studiously avoiding any cricketing debates on TV. I also was not really aware of the Indian 11 in the World Cup. Yep, that bad! I have never really caught on the India vs. Pak rivalry in cricket. It makes for colourful viewing, agreed, but it certainly is not war or something more serious for me.

Thus, last Sunday, I was almost casual about the WC match. After a heavy breakfast, I was reading the Sunday newspapers. The son and the husband were excitedly discussing the match. And then the National Anthem was on. That always catches my attention. After that the match commenced. I had no choice but to watch since the sonny and the husband were so excited.

In no time, I was caught in the frenzy as India was batting first. Slowly, I was cheering and jeering and completely in the mood. And for the first time, I was also tracking the match on twitter. Some of the tweets were hilarious. It made the match viewing pleasure even better. We were flipping between the English and the Hindi commentary so that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who was making his commentary debut in Hindi could not be missed.

Overall, the match was really good. It was even better that India won maintaining their record of beating Pakistan in every World Cup outing so far. Yes, it was a Sunday well spent. I had watched the match from start to finish. And, the only concern was who was going to cook the lunch. :)

Now, I am awaiting the match between the Proteas and India the coming Sunday. Looks like the World Cup will be fun after all. :)