Thursday, April 16, 2015

Holidays with kids

The vacation is over and done with. Now the actual challenge is in keeping the children busy. I don't want them to be stuck to the telly all day long. But, it is a tough balancing act. The younger one often sneaks in some extra time. He is very persistent, and he knows that when mommy is working, it is the best time to get things done his way.

Anyway, they are also playing cricket, TT and swimming. Talking about swimming, the younger one picked up a nasty ear infection while on vacation. It was swimmer's ear that he picked up as contaminated water got into his ear from a swimming pool. Luckily, he is well now but will have to wear ear plugs before swimming and even taking a shower.

I hope that they do more reading. The elder one is already doing some online courses. Mostly I want them to enjoy the time while still letting me work and do other chores.

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